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Key Words

The first step in developing a good SEO strategy is to conduct keyword research. Those who are successful with SEO know what consumers are looking for when they use a search engine to find their business. They employ these keywords to direct focused visitors to their offerings. By using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, you may start brainstorming prospective keywords and observe how the competition looks. If you realize that some keywords in your niche are excessively competitive, opt for long-tail keywords (two to five phrases), which will be easier to rank. The longer the term, the less competition you'll have in the search engines for that phrase.


If content reigns supreme, backlinks are the right hand. Remember, it's not about who has the most links on their site, but who has the highest quality links pointing back to their site. Submit monthly or bimonthly news releases about any exciting company, and contact popular blogs in your niche to see if you may collaborate to earn a backlink from their site. We create the finest possible product site so that people discussing the things you sell will link back to you. We create graphics or newsworthy information that will entice bloggers and news organizations to link to your stuff. Proper social media connections will cause more traffic.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are still important in SEO. You can observe how a term is mirrored in the title of a website if you type it into a search engine. Google considers the title of your page as a hint of keyword relevancy. The same may be said regarding the page's description. (Don't worry about the keyword title tag; Google has stated openly that it ignores it because it has been misused by webmasters and others attempting to rank for specific keywords.) UX Omnitech has tenured experience particularly in the best ways to slip in keywords that will comply with the search engines and drive traffic through the roof. More traffic to your site equals more conversions to sales.

Social Media

Since the inception of social media, the algorithms have evolved significantly. Many content websites are community-oriented; Some sites have started allowing users to vote on which stories make the front page, while YouTube's front page rankings take into account views and user ratings. As a result, e-commerce businesses must create a strong social media presence on platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. These social media sites give indications of authority and impact to search engines. UX Omnitech is more than capable of optimizing your business’ social media experience and driving more quality traffic.


True, content reigns supreme. Quality content, according to search engines, is the ideal strategy to not just rank for keywords, but also to provide positive user experiences. Users are more likely to return to a particular site if they found the interface easy to use and the information useful. It makes sense when you think about it. Only relevant content is going to appear in the SERPs. Why would you not align yourself with the industry titans appearing at the top of the page when you look up the most relevant keywords? We will help to ensure that you are teaching your customers, and being an authority in your field will lead to increased sales.

Product images

If you think visuals don't matter, you're mistaken. When most people use search engines to hunt for things, they don't just look at the "Web" results on the SERPS; they also look at the "images" results. These photographs will rank exceptionally in search engines if you have high-quality images of your product or services on your site and the file names contain relevant keywords. Potential customers will click on that image to find your store which will send a flood of traffic to your site. If your portfolio is not yet high definition, UX Omnitech has rights to thousands of stock images ready and available instead for a solid start.

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Not All SEO
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While all of it together makes the success cake, it’s important to understand the level of effect each tactic has on your rankings.

Layout 70%
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Content 60%
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“Incredible work. I made the mistake initially of working with people out of the country in an attempt to curb cost. This ended up costing me more considering my site was not secure, ugly, and lacked SEO content. UX Omnitech has brought a whole new world of understanding to how online marketing functions and where to maximize efforts. Will work with them for all my online needs.”
Emilia Clarke
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“I had a good looking website but was getting no traffic! You can only imagine how frustrating this was. Ux omnitech showed me that while it was a good looking site, it lacked all the proper techniques to rank higher in search engines. In just a few weeks I’ve seen exponential growth. It’s hard to do business with customers who can’t see you. These guys changed that for me. I’m forever grateful.”